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Ceskoslovenska anarchisticka federace

Banner: Existence 4/2014 - Válka
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[21.12.2014-15.01.2015] ::
Výstava: Xenofilia
[22.12.] ::
Vánoční besídka o MHD
[23.12.] ::
Sítotiskový workshop
[29.12.] ::
Promítání a povídání: Historie Žižkova
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Autonomous centre Klinika calls for support!

As we already informed you in previous article, the squatted autonomous centre Klinika (situated in former clinic owned by state, now in decay and without any real plans how to revive it) in ...

News | 19.12.2014

Eviction of Autonomous Social Centre Klinika

On Saturday, November 29th, an abandoned building of a former clinic in Prague district of Žižkov was occupied by a group of activists. Reconstruction and programme started immediately. Despite widespread support, including neighbors, ...

News | 11.12.2014 | source:

Anti-municipal election campaign in CZ

The beginning of October was marked by municipal elections and elections for one third of the Senate seats in the Czech Republic. Local issues suddenly became important for the ruling class and the ...

News | 31.10.2014

Solidarity with Sokrat

Czech anarchists have made solidarity action with russian anarchist, Alexey 'Sokrat' Sutuga. He was sentenced for 3 years in prison because of incident with nazis, which was in deal with cops. Situation with ...

News | 22.10.2014

Support of Rojava Defenders

Members of Czechoslovak Anarchist Federation [CSAF] joined the demonstration supporting of Kurds who are defending themselves against attacks of ISIS. The action realized by Initiative No To Racism was held on 12th October ...

News | 15.10.2014

Existence 4/2014

This issue of the anarchistic revue Existence focuses on war as the main topic. However, it is obvious that such a topic cannot be fully covered on just a few pages. The introductory ...

News | 30.9.2014

Existence 3/2014

The anarchist revue Existence no. 3/2014 deals with the phenomenon of spontaneous folk organizing platforms. Those appeared in the form of folk plena during the performances of protest movements in Spain, Greece, the ...

News | 19.6.2014

Boycott of Ice Hockey World Championship

Declaration of anti-authoritarian groups on the Ice Hockey World Championship held in Belarus. Minsk, the capital of Belarus, holds the Hockey World Championship from Friday, May 9 to Sunday, May 25, 2014. As every ...

News | 10.5.2014

Existence 2/2014

This issue of the anarchistic revue “Existence” focuces on the 200th anniversary of birth of the famous Russian anarchistic revolutionary Michail Bakunin. Thus ČSAF joins (besides other projects) the call to dedicate the ...

News | 29.3.2014

New ABC web

These days it’s a year and half since we’ve launched new web of Czech Anarchist Black Cross and completely renewed our activities. Since this time collective of ABC supported some people which got ...

News | 12.3.2014 | source:

Activities of the Czechoslovak Anarchist Federation in 2013

The Czechoslovak Anarchist Federation (Československá anarchistická federace; CSAF) was formed in summer 1995 and it is a part of the International of Anarchist Federations (IAF-IFA). Despite its name, for quite a long time ...

Articles | 23.2.2014

Stories of the imprisoned anarchists published in Czech language

Czechoslovak anarchist federation in cooperation with Anarchist Black Cross published translation of the pamphlet called “Stories of the imprisoned anarchists” (“Портреты на фоне решетки”), in solidarity with Belarusian comrades. The pamphlet was firstly ...

News | 22.1.2014

Existence 1/2014

The main topic of this issue of the anarchistic revue Existence is the future of the Internet. The worldwide network has become integral to the lives of many people and not long ago ...

News | 2.1.2014

Existence 4/2013

The main topic of this issue of Existence reviews the uprising after violent scattering of the defenders of the Istanbul park Gezi by the Turkish police at the end of may. We deal ...

News | 30.9.2013

Call for solidarity with unpaid worker of Zepter International in Czech Republic

This is a solidarity appeal from Most Solidarity Network (Most, Czech Republic) to send protest e-mails to Zepter International Ltd., which refuses to pay its worker due wages for three months of work. ...

Articles | 24.6.2013 | source:

Activities of the Czechoslovak Anarchist Federation in 2012

Czechoslovak Anarchist Federation (CSAF) was founded in summer 1995 and it is the longest functional anarchist group in Czech Republic. Although in its tittle there’s a link to Slovakia, in Slovakia there’s not ...

Articles | 10.4.2013

Existence 2/2013

The main topic of this issue of the anarchistic revue Existence is „ethic consumption“. For ethic consumption to be really meaningful and not to be just a lifestyle, it has to be viewed ...

News | 1.4.2013 | source:

Call for Support and Solidarity

Please support families with children in Ústí nad Labem. They were left in lodging house without water, electricity and heating just because they tried to ensure themselves worthy housing. Before several months were gypsy ...

News | 3.2.2013

Existence 1/2013

The main topic of the present issue of Existence is Localization. From anti-capitalist and anarchist positions it deals with efforts both to support the local economy and to focus on the consumption. The main ...

News | 9.1.2013 | source:

The Meeting of CSAF

On weekend October 12th – 14th, the second this year’s meeting of Czechoslovakian Anarchist Federation (CSAF; Ceskoslovenska anarchisticka federace) happened. Members of the most of local groups participated. After activity references in each regions ...

News | 19.10.2012

The Life Against the Stream: The Interview with Jakub Polák

With regrets we enunciate that in the result of the difficult illness Jakub Polák, our friend, died on Tuesday, September 25th. Jakub will stay forever essentially connected with the Czech anarchist movement. He ...

Articles | 9.10.2012

Squat Milada brutally evicted after an attempt to make a one-off commemorative gig

The Prague's renowned squat Vila Milada, which was evicted three years ago after being one of the most important places for Czech autonomous underground scene, had been occupied by approximately 30 people on ...

News | 3.7.2012 | source:

Demonstration of discontent

At least 100 000 people came on Saturday 21st of April to Prague to join the demonstration called "Stop Government", convened by the same name coalition of labour unions and several civic initiatives. ...

News | 26.4.2012

'Stop Vládě' - Union demo in Prague

Over 80,000 people marched and rallied in Prague today in a union-organised demonstration against the government and its austerity program. It took place under the banner of "stop vládě" - "stop the government". The ...

Articles | 23.4.2012

Activities of the Czechoslovak Anarchist Federation in 2011

The Czechoslovak Anarchist Federation (CSAF) was founded in 1995. CSAF is a member of the International of Anarchist Federations (IAF-IFA). The CSAF consists of groups or individuals, who consider themselves as anarchists. We ...

Articles | 1.3.2012

The Big Neo-Nazi Crib

Have you noticed the shift in image of some neo-Nazis - a shift from the skinhead-look to an anarchist/antifascist image? Whether or not you’ve noticed, you can learn more about this recent strategy ...

Articles | 3.3.2011 | source:

Activities of the Czechoslovak Anarchist Federation in 2010

The Czechoslovak Anarchist Federation (CSAF) was founded in 1995. CSAF is a member of the International of Anarchist Federations (IAF-IFA). The CSAF consists of groups or individuals, who consider themselves as anarchists. We ...

Articles | 24.2.2011

15 years of Czechoslovak Anarchist Federation

The culturally-political meeting in occasion of 15 years of the Czechoslovak Anarchist Federation (CSAF) took place last weekend (3.-5.9.2010) in Prague in the autonomous space of Discentrum. CSAF was founded in August 1995. ...

News | 13.9.2010

For peace and freedom in Palestine

The Czechoslovak Anarchist Federation (CSAF) joined an action organized by the Czech branch of International Solidarity Movement (ISM) on the 5th of June to denounce the Israeli attack on the humanitarian flotilla, and ...

News | 8.6.2010

Brief report from anarchist May-day in Prague

A traditional anarchist May-day march took place on Saturday in Prague’s centre, shortly after twelve o’clock. The rally started with speech addressed to the gathering of more than 200 people. Then the crowd ...

News | 2.5.2010

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18.12.> akcie
18.12. - Večeře u Kliniky

18.12.> akcie
21.12. - Výstava: Xenofilia

17.12.> akcie
18.12. - Každé město potřebuje svoji kliniku. I Brno.

17.12.> akcie
17.12. - Veganská večeře na podporu autonomního centra Klinika

17.12.> akcie
10.1. - Hardcore disco party

9.12.> správy
AKTUÁLNĚ - Policejní útok na Kliniku

21.11.> správy
Veganský raut No.4

20.11.> správy
VIDEA: Anonymous Global Million Mask March

19.11.> správy
Kapitalismus tě ničí... Braň se!

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