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[22.07.] ::
Beseda: Aktuálně ze Španělska
[25.-27.07.] ::
Přednáškový stan na Fluff Festu
[29.07.] ::
Benefit pro ABC
[23.08.] ::
Veganské hody
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Mayday in the Czech Republic: Protest and entertainment

This year´s Mayday anarchist meeting in the Czech Republic organized by Czechoslovak anarchist federation (CSAF) traditionally took place at the Strelecky Ostrov (river island), where anarchists have celebrated it since 1890. Program was initiated by the guitar band Tyranie Identity and then CSAF member said a few words about roots of anarchist Mayday tradition, especially about Chicago events of 1888 and people could put down flowers on the memorial tablet.

After that crowd of 160 people was going towards the Palacky´s square and crying "Against state and capital! For the liberty autonomy!", "There is a state, there is not freedom.", carrying transparents "Not races separate us, but classes do it" and "United against all forms of pressure" at the front of the procession. At the middle of the track CSAF member read a speech about economic crisis (slightly disturbed by a police helicopter).

Mayday continued at the Mayday Festival arranged by Antifascist Action (AFA), where CSAF distributed 3 000 leaflets with the information how to cooperate with anarchist movement. AFA offered space to many anti-authority organizations and collectives, besides CSAF to Anarcho-feminist Group, Collectively Against Capital, Freedom Not Fear, Food Not Bombs or magazine A-kontra and Milada squatters. Festival-admission was voluntary.

Besides the music show (Envy from Japan, La Fraction from France, Propaghandi and Brutal Knights from Canada and many musicians from the Czech republic playing punk-rock, hiphop, techno and so on.) visitor could hear many speeches there ("Anarchism for the 21st century", "Antifascism", "Zapatistas", "How to do grasroots policy", "Crisis and Czech working class"…). For families with small children there was an air castle there.

Almost 8000 people visited the festival. Compared with the last year, it is more than double growth. Czech anarchist movement was very surprised at such support and hopes that it will be even better next year.

Photos and Czech report:


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20.7.> akcie
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23.8. - Veganské hody

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22.7. - Beseda: Aktuálně ze Španělska

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